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Welcome to Outdoor Holidays. We specialise in cheap Holidays to kariba and other destinations in africa. Within this site you will be able to find access to booking your holiday instantly, with immediate confirmation for those last minute holiday bookings.

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Guide to kariba holidays in africa

When looking for a cheap holiday to kariba it can be hard to find or expensive, that is why our pre-booking holidays service will leave you to enjoy your holiday in kariba. You need to enjoy your travels and not worry about expensive holidays, especially at kariba, not everyone gets a chance to go here.

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Outdoor Holidays offers easy booking of discounted holidays worldwide with leading holiday companies such as airtours, first choice, thomson and virgin holidays. We have over 4000 locations to choose from in over 100 countries, with Holidays to other destinations in africa including egypt, kenya, mauritius, morocco, namibia and south africa, with rates discounted up to 30%.


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